Student at CSUN – Cinema and Television Arts/ Film Directing

Actor, Writer, Director

Egyptian accent, Syria accent, Kuwait Accent,raqi Accent

Acting Classes:Introduction to Theater,Fundamentals of Actin


Flower 2017                             Supporting         Dir. Max Winkler
Peace 2017                               Supporting         Dir. Nawras Alzubaidy
Can  2017                                  Supporting         Dir. Nawras Alzubaidy
Battle of the Sexes 2017         Supporting         Dir. Jonathan Dayton
The Friendship 2016               Lead                    Dir. Joreg Gromich
East Ramadi 2016                    Lead                    Dir: Kristen Gerweck
The New Address 2016           Supporting        Dir: Nawras Alzubaidy
Made In America 2015           Supporting         Dir. Tom Feliu
SOLACE 2015                            Lead                    Dir. Victoria Aguilera
PARALLEL STRINGS 2015      Lead                    Dir. Yaser Hammad
Talk with my father  2014     Supporting         Dir: Joreg Gromich

TV Series

Training Day  2017                   Supporting        Dir. Steven A. Adelson
The Last Ship 2017                   Supporting         Dir. Paul Holahan
Criminal Minds 2017                Supporting        Dir. Alec Smight
VEEP 2017                                   Supporting        Dir. Armando Iannucci
NCIS: Los Angeles 2017            Supporting        Dir. Tawnia McKiernan
Rosewood 2017                          Supporting        Dir: Deran Sarafian
The Ghost was behind you 2015           Director, Lead, Writer
Two Scary Minutes 2006                         Lead & Writer
Baghdadi House 1992                              supporting
Alaa Aldeen 1986                                      Supporting
Music Video
AKILLEZZ – ONE LEVEL 2015                supporting      Sarah-May Levy
WHAT YOU’RE WAITING FOR               supporting       Dir. Joe Zohar